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Please read thoroughly is not  providing or attempting to provide any real estate, appraisal, legal, or other professional services. is engaged in providing advertising services only.    If legal, appraisal, or real estate advice, or other professional services or assistance is required to assist any user or advertiser in any way, you are hereby recommended to seek advice from a licensed professional with experience dealing with the nature of the matter you need assistance with. is publishing this site and it's advertising content without warranty of any kind whatsoever, and makes no representations whatsoever regarding the accuracy, completeness, or otherwise as to the content of the site and the advertisements. publishes ads without editing or review as to content accuracy or completeness and does not undertake to verify the accuracy nor completeness of ads.  The content of this site and it's advertisements  are published for use "as is".  . hereby expressly warns all potential buyers to verify all property information and transaction details for yourself, does not perform any verification of advertising content as to accuracy nor completeness.  Likewise, has not and does not undertake to verify the completeness nor accuracy of the content of any third party web site which is referenced on this site nor any third party content provided in this site.  All such references to third parties, their sites, and this sites content provided by any third parties is for the users convenience and it is the users responsibility to evaluate the accuracy and completeness of such third party content/site for themselves.

The client agrees to notify us within 5 days of the sale of the property so that the advertisement may be taken off of the web site and the sign may be picked up. The signs provided to you are and will remain the property of The signs are to be returned in the same condition as they were when they were issued, if there is excess damage a restocking fee may be charged up to $40.00.  Placement of the signs must be within your city’s regulations and it is the seller’s responsibility to make sure that these regulations are followed. does not accept responsibility for injury involving the signs or their placement. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify the contents of this site at any time without notice.  Price and availability of any or all of our services or products, including the publishing of this site in it's entirety are subject to change without notice. reserves the right to refuse to publish or to discontinue publishing any advertisement in's sole discretion.

We will offer no refunds. Since a majority of our expenses occur within the first few days of listing a property we cannot offer refunds.

Photos of advertised homes are the sole property of and can not be copied or reproduced without permission.  Any illegal copying or reproduction will incur legal action.

By entering this site, and advertising your property on this site, you indicate your agreement with these terms and conditions.